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About Audrey Ahlvers

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Audrey Ahlvers is an Executive Coach specializing in Performance Psychology. She helps C-Suite Level Executives, Senior Managers, high-ranking military personnel, senior government officials, professional athletes, and professional artists remove their performance blocks, improve professional performance, and reach their maximum potential. She uses a variety of evidence-based methods to accomplish these goals, including Executive Coaching and EMDR for performance enhancement. Audrey, also specializes in ADHD coaching and Autism support services, enjoying the process of helping people with autism live more independent lives. She offers services in the Triangle area and virtually, serving both individual clients and companies. An emotional support animal (hairless cat) is available upon request. As a former Army Officer, Audrey has over 15 years of experience working with high-ranking military personnel, government officials, and civilian executives, improving organizational processes, helping them attain promotions, and generally increasing their upward mobility. She has also had a successful 12-year career as a professional counselor, helping people reach their professional goals, remove barriers to performance, and maximize their overall potential.


Burger Greene is a hypoallergenic tuxedo Sphynx cat. He is an emotional support animal (ESA) trained, and attuned to reading moods. He is six years old and loves pets on his head, walks in the woods, and all things tuna. His services are available on Tuesdays in our Raleigh office, and on Saturdays in our Cary office.


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