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About Shine Chauhan

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Shine Chauhan is a seasoned Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor based in North Carolina, boasting over 11 years of expertise in mental health. She earned her Master's from NCCU in Durham, NC, and has a robust background working with diverse student populations in university settings, collaborating with ACT teams, and delivering compassionate care to adults coping with psychosis in community settings. Her current focus within OPT settings revolves around treating Anxiety Disorders, transition challenges, and relationship issues, reflecting her dedication to holistic mental health support.

Step into sessions with Shine and experience a compassionate blend of her life wisdom, tailored to address anxiety, depression, life transitions, identity exploration, and relationship hurdles. With her guidance, you'll articulate emotions, validate experiences, and break free from limiting patterns, moving towards self-acceptance, fulfillment, and stronger connections. Shine is also here to support immigrants in navigating cultural assimilation and finding deeper personal meaning.
In life's ups and downs, Shine is your empathetic guide, ready to help you tap into your inner strength and clarity with personalized techniques. Ready to level up your well-being? Book your session online today and let's kickstart your journey together!