Credentials, Awards and Honors
Dr. Haresh Tharwani is a renowned psychiatrist in the Research Triangle Park (Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill). He has 28 years of experience in clinical practice, teaching, research, and administration. Formerly, he was the Senior Associate Professor in psychiatry and the Medical Director of inpatient, outpatient and C/L Psychiatry at Duke University. Currently, Dr. Tharwani is a Senior Associate Professor at Campbell University and Founder & President of MD Psychiatry & Emotional Health, PLLC with locations in Durham, Cary, and Wake Forest. 
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Education and Credentials

• American Board Certified in General Psychiatry

• American Board Certified in C/L (Body-Mind) Psychiatry

• Duke University Certified in Psycho-pharmacology

• API Certified in Geriatric Psychiatry

• API Certified in Addiction Medicine

Awards and Honors

• Top Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist 2021 Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina

• Achievement Award, Strategic Behavioral Health, Raleigh, N.C. 2019 and 2021

• Chief Medical Officer, Strategic Behavioral Health, Raleigh, N.C. May 2020- November 2021

• MD member of NC Mental Health Commission, January 2012- December 2015

• Best Resident of the Year 1996 & 1999 at West Virginia University Charleston division

• Best Teacher of the Year (2005) by the American Psychiatric Association

• Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2014, 2020)

• Patient’s Choice Award (2014, 2015, 2020)

• On-Time Doctor Award (2015, 2020)

Welcome MD Psychiatry & Emotional Health, PLLC

Psychiatrists, Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy & Psychopharmacology in Cary and Durham, NC

MD Psychiatry & Emotional Health, PLLC, has offices in Durham and Cary, North Carolina, where an experienced team of board-certified psychiatrists, physician assistant and psychiatric nurse practitioners deliver high-quality, comprehensive psychiatric, psychological and psychotherapy services to people of all age groups. 

Led by founder and chief medical officer Haresh Tharwani, MD, DFAPA, the team offers consultation, assessment, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment for all mental health disorders.

MD Psychiatry & Emotional Health, PLLC, specializes in depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, cognitive decline and dementia, schizophrenia, neurodevelopmental disorders like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), substance abuse, and personality disorders.

The team carefully tailors an individualized approach to each patient’s treatment, considering their body, mind, and soul – everything that makes them a unique and valued individual.

MD Psychiatry & Emotional Health, PLLC, uses psychopharmacology (medications for mental health disorders) and psychotherapy — talk therapies such as interpersonal psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Group therapy is also available, and the team has considerable expertise in anger management techniques.

In addition, the MD Psychiatry & Emotional Health, PLLC, team offers innovative alternatives like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy and Spravato® (esketamine nasal spray) for patients with treatment-resistant conditions. They also perform electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) evaluations and give referrals.

To benefit from exceptional mental health care, call MD Psychiatry & Emotional Health, PLLC, today, or book an in-person or telehealth appointment online. 

Smiling photo of our team
Smiling photo of our team
Smiling photo of our team
Philosophy of Care
We HELP everybody who walks in our clinic with any psychological, psychiatric and psychosocial challenges. We HEAL everybody who walks in with any micro or macro trauma, injury, or stress–recent or remote. We will work hard with you and your loved ones to give you HOPE by using evidence-based medications, psychotherapies, and social models. We will make sure you improve and live a quality life.
1 in 5 suffer from some kind of psychiatric disorder. Psychiatric disorders are just as common as medical disorders. Alongside hypertension, diabetes mellitus, depression, and anxiety, bipolar disorder can also be inherited.

Services We Offer

MD Psychiatry and Emotional Health PLLC provides assessment, consultation, diagnosis and treatment for an array of psychiatric and behavioral health conditions. Our board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners are available to provide comprehensive psychiatric and behavioral health services to all age groups, including children, adolescents, adults and elderly persons.
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Insurances We Accept
MD Psychiatry and Emotional Health believes in transparency. We have provided all the fees listed and do our utmost best to accommodate all insurances, as we believe mental health should be a priority to everyone. We do not turn away anyone, and if you are uninsured please speak with our caring staff and we will work on a payment plan with you.
Our Patients Reviews
We encourage reviews and feedback about our clinic and would love to hear from you on how we can improve! This is what our clients have to say about MD Psychiatry & Emotional Health, PLLC

"Dr. Tharwani truly cares about his clients and is incredibly knowledgeable . Amazing staff also!"

Lauren B.
"Amazing staff who truly care about you and your well being."

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