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About Sydney Chandler

Medical Assistant

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Sydney is our Spravato Coordinator/Medical Assistant- advocating for patients throughout the prior authorization process, coordinating care for Spravato treatment, and taking care of any patient need she can. She is particularly passionate about working with our patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression and works hard to ensure that all aspects of our Spravato program run smoothly. In 2021, she earned her Bachelor's in Nutrition Sciences with a minor in Psychology from NC State, where she graduated with honors. Throughout her college journey, she has held various positions in the medical field. Sydney has continuously served as a volunteer throughout her college career and postgrad, giving her time to a variety of organizations such as Urban Ministries, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc.

Sydney hopes to further her education in a PA program to better serve her patients. In her free time, she works as a CNA at Duke on a general surgery/trauma stepdown unit, spends time with friends and family, reads, and exercises.